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Alice & Trixie

In 1997, New York Angela Taylor founded George Alice & Trixie. The brand was named as a playful tribute to the heroines of the 1950's The Honeymooners series. Angela has always been fashionable, where she started a job at NYC's premier boutiques, where she eventually became the main buyer. Her ambitions led to a job as designer agent at Times Two Showroom. From her vast knowledge of the market and appreciation for colors and patterns, Alice & Trixie has developed.

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Alice & Trixie is a result of Angela's obsession for vintage stores, her appreciation for pastor-style songs and her passion for art. The collection stands for bohemian glamor. The items are uniquely and vividly printed and solid tones in chic silhouettes. In her design loft above Fashion Avenue, Angela, together with her team, continues to be inspired by travel, movies, art, interior and pop culture to provide collections each season with signature prints in modern styles that remain faithful to the DNA brand. Alice & Tricie is perfect for women who like chic and a touch of sexyness, but above all; a confident look! Order your Alice & Trixie item safely with Home Store guarantee and pay care afterwards with Afterpay.





'Olivia' blouse



'Fern' jumpsuit